Childrens' Forest of Central Oregon

Curriculum Resources

In addition to environmental education programs offered by Children’s Forest partners, we encourage teachers to lead outdoor activities for their students. Included are curriculum resources to support teachers in facilitating outdoor lessons.

Funding Resources

Places to Learn and Explore

The Children’s Forest of Central Oregon is not specific to any one place; rather, it is a network of places and programs focused on moving youth along a continuum towards greater awareness, engagement and participation in the outdoors.  The map below includes sites all across Central Oregon that are appropriate for field experiences with students.

Note: Zoom In to view places that are close together. See the legend for more details or click here to explore our places in a larger map which includes an interactive list.

Explore our places in a larger map which includes an interactive list.

Read details about all of our places, or search with the field at the top right of the header.

Download an Excel spreadsheet with all map data and distances to places from area cities.
Click here for the older Excel format (xls).

Additional Resources for Teachers

Below are additional resources to bring outdoor learning into a classroom.